How and where can I book parking?

In the top menu, select the tab Services and choose the type of parking that suits you. Reservations can only be made for long-term parking. On the page of the selected service enter the date and time of your arrival and departure in the reservation form. The system will offer the available parking spaces on the basis of the entered term.

Paying for parking is required by credit card in a secure environment. 

An order confirmation is sent to your e-mail address simultaneously with the PIN code and serves as a tax document.

Parking can be ordered in this manner at least 2 hours before parking.

What should I do if the cashless payment system does not work when making payment for parking?

If the cashless payment system does not work, payment for parking has to be made in cash.

How to use the PIN code?

At the entrance stand of the respective parking building enter the six-digit PIN CODE that you received via e-mail on the keyboard. The parking ticket prints and the barrier rises.

Store this ticket in a safe place and use it to exit the parking lot (insert it into the exit stand).

Watch out! Do not use the button for issuing a ticket for entry to the parking lot. This button is intended for customers who do not have an order.

Where can I park and charge my electric vehicle? How much does charging cost?

Passengers or drivers of electric vehicles can not only park at the Václav Havel Airport Prague, but can also charge their electric cars free of charge. The charging is possible under both long-term and short-term parking in a PC Comfort car park.

In terms of short-term parking, a quick charging station is available with CHAdeMO plug (up to 50 kW), CCS plug (up to 50 kW), or Type 2 „Mennekes“ plug (up to 22 kW).

In terms of long-term parking, parking spots with 230V power sockets (Type E plug) are available at selected levels. The parking spots are marked with a green colour and electric vehicle charging station symbol. The parking spots cannot be booked in advance. We are not able to guarantee the availability of the parking spot nor the availability of the power socket. To charge your vehicle, the passengers need their own charger and cable.

Charging is available FREE OF CHARGE in both cases. Detailed information can be found here.

It is possible to arrive without a reservation?

Yes, but online booking is cheaper and guarantees that you will have a parking space in the selected lot.

Is it possible to park motorcycles in any of the parking garages?

Yes, use the PC Comfort building if you wish to park a motorcycle. Parking is available at discounted prices according to the valid price list.

What to do in case of a delayed flight?

If the delay is within the scope of a few hours (2-3 hours), the ticket will allow you to leave. If you are staying in the parking lot longer because of unexpected transport changes, please contact the parking lot dispatching +420 220 114 022 which will resolve the matter with you.

Do holders of a physically disabled card pay for parking?

For the holders of the ZTP (severe health disability) card and the ZTP/P (severe health disability requiring special assistance) card, free parking at all car parks is available twice a day at maximum. We will issue you an exit ticket at the parking lot dispatching at PC Comfort after you present your ID card. 

What parking lot is suitable for SUV type vehicles? Can I park in the parking garages with a CNG or LPG vehicle?

If you are going to park an SUV type vehicle, we recommend using the PC Comfort parking garage on account of the more comfortable parking in the space of the parking garage.

Parking spaces for vehicles with a CNG or LPG are reserved in PA Smart on the roof and in PC Comfort around the perimeter of the garage.

When can I use the car wash?

The service is available when you make your online long-term parking reservation at PC Comfort and PC Comfort VIP.  The car wash services can be used if you park your car for at least 2 days. You can purchase the car wash service for CZK 590 through the online reservation form when you book your parking dates. If the maximum capacity of the car wash is reached, the car washing service will not be shown in the booking system.

Can you recommend a place at the airport where I can conveniently eat as well as suggest other services that will make my journey more pleasant?

Of course, we've prepared a summary of tips and tricks for you, which can be purchased at the airport at competitive rates. The document is in PDF format,  so that you can easily print it out and take it on the journey with you. 

What do I do if the PIN CODE does not work, or there is another problem?

At all parking facilities, you will find the INFO button that connects you with the non-stop parking lot dispatching, where we will advise you and solve the given problem or question.

When can a vehicle be towed away and how to proceed if a vehicle gets towed?

  • Your vehicle was parked in violation of the Operating Rules of Parking Areas at Prague Airport or road traffic rules.
  • The vehicle was marked with a tow warning (e.g. a form blue exclamation point which is etched onto the car’s side window) for at least 48 hours.
  • The decision on towing was approved by the Head of the Parking Operations, Head of the Dispatching Centre Staff, or the Parking Unit Manager.
  • Prior to the tow, the vehicle is thoroughly photo-documented, or video documented from all sides, if needed, and the traffic situation is recorded.
  • Vehicles are towed away to an impound lot SOUTH (JIH): Za Teplárnou St. 4-6, Prague 6.
  • In such an event, please contact the Dispatching Centre at +420 220 114 022 and verify whether the vehicle was in fact towed by the Prague Airport car park operator.
  • If it was, please approach the Dispatching Centre desk in the PC COMFORT car park (ground level in the hall) in person to pay the fees for the car park parking, the tow and the impound lot parking.
  • Please provide evidence that you are an authorised owner or an authorized user of the car by submitting the certificate of roadworthiness or vehicle registration certificate.
  • After settling the fees, please fill in the handover certificate and arrange a time to pick up your vehicle at the impound lot at Za Teplárnou St. 4-6, Prague 6.
  • The vehicle will be handed to you based on the signature of the handover certificate.
  • Other Services – Price List:

    Vehicle towing (uncovered parking areas): 2 300 CZK / 1 vehicle 

    Vehicle towing (parking garages): 2,600 CZK / 1 vehicle

    Special towing services: 800 CZK / 1 hour

    Impound lot storage fee: 300 CZK / 1 day


Map of the towing car park, Adress: Za teplárnou St. 4-6, Prague 6

More information can be found here