Covered and comfortable parking
Luggage trolleys
Nonstop assistance and security monitoring
Maximum clearance height 220 cm
FREE Electric Vehicle Charging


  • Safe, Indoor and Comfortable Parking at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague directly next to the Terminal 1
  • Pedestrian link bridge to the Terminal 2
  • Free parking cancellations guaranteed
  • Security monitoring, nonstop assistance and insurance
  • Luggage Trolleys
  • Optional Car care cleaning (exterior & interior)
  • GPS coordinates 50°06'30 N | 14°16'14 E
  • Video: Navigation to PC COMFORT Parking Lot
  • Easy and Fast Arrival

  • Reserved space for LPG / CNG vehicles
  • Zero delay (no transfer or shuttle bus needed)
  • Maximum clearance height 220 cm
  • FREE Electric Car Charging

  • Online booking (best deal) or payment inside the building at kiosk before leaving

  • Dispatching / AeroParking Desk directly in the hall of the PC Comfort Car Park
  • Officially owned, staffed and operated by Prague Airport

Book online and get the best deal. Also with the Guarantee of Vacant Parking Space. Special offer at PC Comfort: starting from 1690 CZK/8 days.

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