At the car parks, the customer must comply with traffic regulations. Any failure to comply with them may result in a fine of up to 2000 CZK. More information on traffic regulations is available here:

Parking regulations in PDF

When can a vehicle be towed away and how to proceed if a vehicle gets towed

  • Your vehicle was parked in violation of the Operating Rules of Parking Areas at Prague Airport or road traffic rules.
  • The vehicle was marked with a tow warning (e.g. a form blue exclamation point which is etched onto the car’s side window) for at least 48 hours.
  • The decision on towing was approved by the Head of the Parking Operations, Head of the Dispatching Centre Staff, or the Parking Unit Manager.
  • Prior to the tow, the vehicle is thoroughly photo-documented, or video documented from all sides, if needed, and the traffic situation is recorded.
  • Vehicles are towed away to an impound lot SOUTH (JIH): Za Teplárnou St. 4-6, Prague 6.
  • In such an event, please contact the Dispatching Centre at +420 220 114 022 and verify whether the vehicle was in fact towed by the Prague Airport car park operator.
  • If it was, please approach the Dispatching Centre desk in the PC COMFORT car park (ground level in the hall) in person to pay the fees for the car park parking, the tow and the impound lot parking.
  • Please provide evidence that you are an authorised owner or an authorized user of the car by submitting the certificate of roadworthiness or vehicle registration certificate.
  • After settling the fees, please fill in the handover certificate and arrange a time to pick up your vehicle at the impound lot at Za Teplárnou St. 4-6, Prague 6.
  • The vehicle will be handed to you based on the signature of the handover certificate.

Other Services – Price List:

  • Vehicle towing (uncovered parking areas): 2,300 CZK / 1 vehicle 

  • Vehicle towing (parking garages): 2,600 CZK / 1 vehicle 

  • Special towing services: 800 CZK / 1 hour 

  • Impound lot storage fee: 300 CZK / 1 day