A Taxi Card is a pre-charged card for short-term parking at P1 Express, P2 Express, and PB Economy express parking areas at favourable prices.

Taxi Cards are issued to people who meet the criteria for running a taxi service, namely:

  • Are holders of a trade license authorising them to provide Passenger Road Transport using vehicles
    with a maximum occupancy of nine (9) persons including the driver
  • Operate a taxi service using a vehicle registered in the taxi register
  • The vehicle driver holds a valid taxi driver’s license

The Taxi Card is linked to the registration number of the taxi service vehicle (it is not possible to enter the parking area and pay a reduced price using an unregistered vehicle). A designated taxi card needs to be obtained for each taxi service vehicle.

Issuance and use of Taxi Cards is subject to the Terms and Conditions and the Operating Rules and Regulations of parking areas for motor vehicles at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Prague Airport expects civilised behaviour from taxi service providers in the airport area, including compliance with applicable legal regulations and pricing in accordance with the regulation on maximum prices for personal taxi services. Concurrently, the holder of the Taxi Card is obliged to comply with the conditions specified in the Operating Rules and Regulations of the Public Halls of Prague/Ruzyně Airport.

Price List (listed prices include VAT)

The card price is CZK 235.
First pre-charge amount is CZK 3,000.

Parking prices are as follows:

  First Entry

Repeated Entry

    Less than 20 min More than 20+ min
10 min Free of Charge *      CZK 100 CZK 50
15 min CZK 50
30 min      CZK 150
45 min CZK 200
1 hour CZK 250
+ Each additional 15 min commenced +CZK 100

* One free of charge entry lasting a maximum of 10 min is provided per 24 hours only in one of the Express parkings.

If you operate several taxi service vehicles and are interested in bulk ordering several Taxi Cards, please contact us directly at taxikarta@prg.aero.

Taxi Card Issuance Step-by-Step:

  1. Download the Taxi Card application form using the link below and fill in the correct information.
  2. Log in to your data box at https://info.mojedatovaschranka.cz/info/cs/.
  3. Click the [ WRITE A MESSAGE ] box and fill in the following identifier in the addressee field: ayqexy5 (which is the address of the Letiště Praha, a.s. data box). Confirm your choice.
  4. Write the words “Taxi Card” in the subject and click the [ CONTINUE ] button.
  5. Upload your completed application form (obtained under step 1) in the attachment field and click the [ SUBMIT ] button. By doing this, you have successfully applied for a Taxi Card.
  6. After receiving the request, we will check the data provided by you. If all the information submitted is evaluated as correct, we will send you instructions on how to pick up the card by e-mail. If we evaluate some data as incorrect or untrue, you will be notified of this by e-mail. Then, you will have the opportunity to correct the data.
  7. All Taxi Cards will be activated on 1 May 2024.