Václav Havel Airport Prague Parking Up-to-date Changes, News, and Operational Issues

Changes to Electric Car Charging Options

We would like to inform you about some changes regarding the electric car charging options in our parking buildings. From the second half of July 2024, the plug-in charging stations on the 3rd to 6th floors will be removed. Please find below the details about the new charging points and conditions.

PC Premium (AC Wallbox 22 kW) 

  • Prior reservation of PC Premium parking at www.AeroParking.cz/en is required.
  • There are 5 charging stations.
  • Without the option of reserving a charger and getting an available charging place guarantee.
  • Charging is included in the PC Premium parking price; no additional surcharges are applied.

 PC Comfort 1st Above-Ground Floor (DC station 50 kW)

  • A fast charger with a power of 50 kW is available.
  • Charging is included in the price of parking, which is CZK100 per 30 minutes.

PB Economy Becomes Express Parking Area

From 1 May 2024, the PB Economy parking area, located in front of Terminal 2, will become the third Václav Havel Airport Prague express parking area. We will offer you enough parking places for quick pick-ups and drop-offs, and there will also be a Taxi Point to make it easier to find a driver if you decide to use a taxi for your journey from the airport. Short-term parking at a rate of CZK 80 per hour will continue to be possible only in the PC Comfort parking building.

EXPRESS PARKING – 10 FREE Minutes and Contactless Payment Options at Exit Stands

From 1 May 2024, there will be changes in the price list implemented at express parking areas. However, thanks to the upgraded parking system, you will park and leave the parking area faster and easier than before.

The free parking time slot at selected parking areas changes from the original 15 minutes to 10 minutes. The main reason is to ensure throughputs for all passengers. Available data shows that most drivers leave the parking area within 10 minutes.

Thanks to the new parking system, you will be able to pay contactless at the exit stands. In the course of the summer, we will launch the option of paying by phone after scanning the QR code on the parking ticket. The new gate barriers will be equipped with light signalling and more advanced cameras for reading registration numbers, so that in the case of free passage, the exit barriers will be raised automatically, without the need to insert the parking ticket.


We launched the new PC Comfort VALET service, thanks to which you will save time and park worry free. You hand over the car to professional drivers who will take care of its safe parking. Car drop-offs and pick-ups take place on the ground floor of the PC Comfort parking building, which is located directly in front of Terminal 1 and is connected to Terminal 2 by a covered walkway.

New Long-term Parking Option without the Need to Enter a PIN Number

The new parking system gate barriers are equipped with light signalling and more advanced cameras for reading registration numbers. If you submit the registration number when booking your parking online, the system will automatically let your car into the parking building. The same applies for leaving the building. Thanks to this, you can park and leave the parking area quickly and easily.

Taxi Cards for Express Parking at Favourable Prices

A Taxi Card is a pre-charged card for short-term parking at P1 Express, P2 Express, and PB Economy express parking areas at favourable prices. This card replaces the existing value cards and provides benefits to those taxi drivers who comply with airport rules. The aim is to provide a discount on parking charges to those who behave appropriately in the airport premises in line with our rules.