The value/pre-paid card is valid from 1 July 2018

Prague Airport offers value/pre-paid cards for frequent users of express parking spaces.
The value/prepaid card entitles its holder to:

  • Free 15-minute parking in the express parking lots once every 24 hours,

  • Discounted rates for re-entry into the express parking lot in accordance with the pre-paid tariff,

  • Tariff A (the deposit amount is CZK 500) and Tariff B (the deposit amount is CZK 2 000).

  • You may request the card at the AeroParking counter in the car park PC COMFORT lobby.

  • The purchase price of the card is CZK 235.

  • In case of loss of the card, it is necessary to pay the purchase price of the card again.

  • In case of card damage, it is necessary to pay a fee of CZK 120 for issuing a new card.

  • All your inquiries will be answered at the AeroParking counter,
    at +420 220 114 022 / or by e-mail sent to

Terms and conditions could be found here.



15 minutes free for the first entry once per 24 hours

Re-antry within 24 hours

Deposit value

Number of credits

0-15 minutes once per 24 hours

16-30 minutes and each additional 30-minute interval

Every 30 minutes from the first minute/entry

CZK 500

1 250

free of charge

100 credits (CZK 40)

100 credits (CZK 40)

CZK 2 000

5 000

free of charge

100 credits (CZK 40)

100 credits (CZK 40)

The value card price list applies to charged cards effective from 8 August 2018.