Surface brush cleaning and interior cleaning of your car while you park in the PC Comfort Car Park. You are eligible for this service if you park at least two days. Book your parking spot including the car wash service easily in the online booking form.

The service is currently unavailable.


  • We will wash your car while you are on a work trip or holidays – you will save time and avoid any worries
  • After your car is washed, it will be parked on the same floor - no extra handling with the car
  • We have an insurance for non-standard situations

The service includes:

  • High-pressure pre-wash – application of car shampoo and an insect removal
  • Surface wash in an automatic car wash line – after the car is washed, we dry wipe the windows, rearview mirrors, door sills, and door frames
  • Inner window cleaning
  • Vacuuming the interior and luggage compartment – including the centre console, all pockets, compartments, and floor mats
    • Vacuuming the child seats
      1) They can be dismantled and thoroughly vacuumed, but we will store them in the luggage compartment for you to reassemble due to safety reasons

      2) We will not handle them and vacuum only accessible areas

  • Treatment of plastic surfaces in the interior – we will wash the dashboard, steering wheel and the centre console using a special product.
  • Cleaning of rubber mats
  • Electric car charging or hybrid plug-in before your return (on request)



  • The vehicle must be no taller than 2.2 metres and no wider than 2.1 metres.
  • The vehicle must not be fitted with a roof rack or similar accessory that prevents the use of a brush wash line.
  • The vehicle must not have any damage or defects which may be aggravated by the washing process.
  • Please limit the number of personal items in the vehicle or store them in one place.
  • Please do not leave valuable items in the vehicle.

When can I use the car wash?

The service is available when you make your online long-term parking reservation in the PC Comfort Car Park. The car wash services can be offered only if you park your car for at least 2 days.

How to book the service?

You can purchase the car wash service for CZK 490 through the online reservation form after you select your parking dates. In the PC COMFORT or PC PREMIUM Car Park. If the maximum capacity of the service is reached, the car washing service will be hidden.

Instructions on how to use the service will be delivered to you in an e-mail after the reservation.