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Express 1

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Directly in front of Terminal 1
15 min free of charge once every 24 hours
Outdoor parking lot
Regulatory fee 100 CZK/30 min.
Luggage trolleys
Suitable for LPG/CNG vehicles

Important information:
  • The P1 Express parking lot is used for standing for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers and their luggage.
  • The P1 Express outdoor parking lot is located directly in front of Terminal 1.
  • 15 minutes free-of-charge parking in the P1 EXPRESS and P2 EXPRESS parking lots may be used once every 24 hours.
  • Parking from 16 to 30 minutes is charged at CZK 100. After that, CZK 100 is charged for each 30-minute interval.
  • The maximum parking time is 48 hours. If the maximum parking time is exceeded, the vehicle may be towed away.
  • Prague Airport offers value/pre-paid cards for frequent users of express parking spaces.

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P1 Express

50°06'29 N | 14°16'10 E



Letiště Praha, a.s.
K letišti 6/1019, Praha 6
PSČ 161 00

IČO: 28244532
DIČ: CZ699003361

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+420 220 114 022

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