Right next to Terminal 2


The nearest indoor parking at Terminal 2
Guided by a modern camera system
Maximum clearance height 180 cm
Bargain price
Professional surveillance
Luggage trolleys
Parking spaces for LPG/CNG vehicles
Covered parking

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  • All parking spaces are covered except for the roof deck
  • The parking lot is equipped with a modern CCTV system with security
  • Given the limited space available in the parking building, we recommend that SUV vehicles should use the COMFORT parking building
  • GPS: 50°06'18 N | 14°16'11 E

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50°06'18 N | 14°16'11 E



Letiště Praha, a.s.
K letišti 6/1019, Praha 6
PSČ 161 00

IČO: 28244532
DIČ: CZ699003361

Non-stop asitence

+420 220 114 022

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