Changes to the Short-term Parking System at Václav Havel Airport

Dear Customers,

In order to increase the airport’s parking capacity and the comfort of parking for as many passengers as possible, Václav Havel Airport Prague is making changes to the rules concerning short-term parking.

Prague Airport, as one of the few major international airports that still does so, will continue to offer free parking for 15 minutes at the P1 and P2 outdoor parking lots in the immediate vicinity of both terminals. As of 1 July 2018, however, free parking will only be available once every 24 hours. As of the same day, the price of short-term parking in the PC Comfort parking and PB Economy parking lots will be increased from CZK 50 to CZK 60 per hour.

Regarding bus entry and parking, from 1 July 2018, buses will be able to park on the outdoor express P1 parking lot and outdoor PB economy parking lot at a price of CZK 60 for each 30-minute interval.

Drivers using express parking lots can continue to make use of the convenient Prague Airport Value Card to pay for parking. It offers discounted parking prices for express parking spaces in the P1 / P2 lots after 15-minute free. The card has a choice of two tariffs and is available for purchase at the AeroParking customer counter in the lobby of the PC Comfort parking lot.


Prague Airport

The value/pre-paid card is valid from 1 July 2018


Prague Airport offers value/pre-paid cards for frequent users of express parking spaces.
The value/prepaid card entitles its holder to:


  • free 15-minute parking in the express parking lots once every 24 hours,

  • discounted rates for re-entry into the express parking lot in accordance with the pre-paid tariff,

  • a selection of two tariffs, Tariff A (the deposit amount is CZK 500) and Tariff B (the deposit amount is CZK 2 000).




15 minutes free for the first entry once per 24 hours

Re-entry within 24 hours


Deposit value

Number of credits

0-15 minutes once per 24 hours

16-30 minutes and each additional 30-minute interval

Every 30 minutes from the first minute/entry

Card A

CZK 500

1 250

free of charge

100 credits (CZK 40)

100 credits (CZK 40)

Card B

CZK 2 000

5 000

free of charge

100 credits (CZK 40)

100 credits (CZK 40)

The purchase price of the card is CZK 235.

  • You may request the card at the AeroParking counter in the Parking C COMFORT lobby.

  • The value card price list applies to charged cards effective from 8 August 2018.

  • All your inquiries will be answered at the AeroParking counter,
    at 220 11 4022 / or by e-mail sent to